Take Picture Like Pro

  • Read the specs. Most consumers, when buying a camera, only look at the megapixels or picture elements that the camera provide. Although the higher megapixel, the better the picture comes out, there are also certain factors that you must be cautious about. There’s the anti-shake function, night mode, color tones (sepia, black and white, greyscale) and optical zoom. The anti-shake function is best for moving pictures. When pictures are taken with this function, the pictures do not come out as blurry. The night mode allows you to shoot even in low lighting. The color tones give you a variety of effects, from going really old in sepia or adding the drama in black and white. The optical zoom shows you how far your lenses can see. Usually, digital cameras have 6.7x to 20x optical zoom lens. The higher the lenses, the better you can see.
  • Clip it. To prevent shakes and blurs, clip your elbows to the sides when taking a pictures. This prevents your hands and arms from shaking and distorting the focus of the lens.
  • Frame it. When you peer into your lens, you usually see a box or defining lines around the edges. That is your frame. Any picture outside that line is not in the picture at all. Collect your subjects or the things you want to take a picture of, see if they fit the frame then click the button.
  • Experiment. You know how a picture up close has very sharp lines and the background is completely blurred? You can do that by coming close to an object and playing with your lenses. Creating effects as such are usually discovered by accident. Do not be afraid to explore your equipment. Cameras are worthy investments, so go ahead and play with them. Just don’t try to see if it could float.
  • Buy a photo software. Because of the continuously advancing technology, we can actually edit the pictures that we take. There are a lot of photo softwares available on the market. Make use of your digital camera’s computer cable, upload your photos and tweak on them so they come out exactly the way you want them to. Take them to the printers after and you will see results with your name on it.

These are just some tips that you can easily do with your digital camera. It’s not that I am discouraging you from taking up photography. Unless you want to do it as a job or career opportunity, these advices would do for now. So go out, get a camera and start clicking!