Sutherland Dragon Fly

Dawn Sutherland dragon fly photograph is one of the amazing pieces of photography that I have ever managed to come across. Sutherland’s dragonfly photograph seems to be so natural that it gives the impression of dragon fly springing to life any moment. The color composition and the details in the Sutherland dragon fly snap are so eye catching and left me wondering about the various shades in the lap of nature. The clarity is unmatched and the focus is really defined. It’s virtually impossible to get such a clear portfolio of these insects because of the fact that the moment you decide taking a shot, they simply take off.

The austere background of the Sutherland dragon fly photograph brings the amazing color of the dragonfly to the fore front. I am one of the frequent visitors on this site who come looking for some of the beautiful works of Dawn Sutherland. And he has never disappointed me. Apart from Sutherland dragon fly photograph, his portfolio has are some of the most awe inspiring photographs that you will never get to see anywhere. The minor details that usually go unnoticed by the people around do find a place in his works. For beauty enthusiasts, Sutherland’s dragon fly picture features in the latest book published by It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that Dawn Sutherland dragon fly photograph is a real treat for eyes.