Sharing Your Photos

Remember the days when the phone company, AT&T, was the only game in town? We were impressed with its telephonic innovations, but not until diversification of the telephone giant, did we realize what we had been missing out on in the way of telephone service, lower fees, and innovations.

Likewise, today, not everyone agrees that Microsoft’s Operating System is the all-out best system. You’ve probably heard of one of the rivals to MS, Linux. The founder, Linus Torvalds, of Finland, had the idea he could build a better operating system than what was currently available. Some say he did. But more importantly, in the spirit of sharing, he opened up his source code to the community of programmers and would-be software designer wannabes. The “open source code development” movement was born. Open Source affords anyone, anywhere, the ability to contribute to a development project or to download and use an application or source code free of charge.

Many a software company lost a fortune due to the open source movement, and scores more individuals have benefited from it. It’s quite a controversial subject among software firms and developers alike, even today. However, in the spirit of sharing, without “copying,” Linus Torvalds has been able to take the Internet to the next stage.

Yes, Copyright is a colorful subject. It’s also controversial, especially when you are involving artists, photographers, writers – the whole intellectual properties community, in the discussion arena.