Share Photos Online

Bringing family and friends right into the action is almost instantaneous. Your online photo albums can be viewed by family and friends form anywhere in the world as long as they have a PC and internet access they can browse your own family albums and share all the experiences. Photo albums are a great way to express your family history, document a new birth in the family, share the joyous occasion of a family wedding and in general, document those fleeting moments that might very well just fade away with time.

If you happen to have a whole bunch of family photos that are not in digital format but would like to place them in your online photo album then a little more work is needed to place them online. Firstly you will have to have access to a scanner. Scan in the image and then you will be able to upload them to you photo album script. This probably may seem like a daunting task but it is actually quite an easy process. If you are not technically inclined or cannot afford the time to follow this route, then any photo developing business will gladly transfer your Kodak moments to digital format for you, for a small fee of course, but well worth it.

Creating an online photo album is not just restricted to documenting your family life. It can also be used to for business purposes, for example, if you are a professional photographer use this awesome facility to bring all your pictures to the world, document a road trip or even create a gallery of properties for sale if you happen to be an estate agent. Most online photo album scripts will have a shopping cart facility whereby you can sell your prints to the general public turning your gallery into a cash generating entity.

Whether you wish to share your photo album with the world or just use it for friends and family viewing it is a great way to share those prized snapshots. Anyone can start their own online photo album, in most cases no special software is needed, making it easy for even the person with the most basic of computing knowledge to start and maintain their gallery. The gallery is mobile – in other words, if you are holiday or on that special excursion it can be updated immediately for instant near real time viewing enjoyment. Share the moments – share the magic of your very own online photo album.