Sell Photos Through The Internet

Some webmasters are spending thousands and thousands of dollars buying photos trough the internet. And at the same time amateur photographers are making high commissions. Perhaps you can’t afford a big amount of money yet to spend money on a digital camera but start with a basic model first. Try to buy a second hand camera from a friend or a relative or why don’t you buy one on So now I will show you how to sell photos through the internet and make money from it.

By far the best way to make money with your digital camera online is to make an account on different stock photo sites. The rules of each stock photos site can vary but the basic concept is the same you offer your photos for sale, and interesting people can buy it to put it on their own site or whatever they want. A word of caution the photos that you send must be your own original pictures. If you think that you are “smart” and you copy some pictures from other websites the stock photo sites will caught you. And after all it is much more fun to make money if you play it fair. But be careful with submitting pictures with peoples faces on it. If you work with a model you must present a model contract. Again if you are in doubt about something look into the faq’s and otherwise ask it to the support team. It is their task to help you out.

eBay and your own website(s) are other ways how to sell your digital photos online. However if you are fairly new to photographing this is not recommended. But if you have taken some good looking pictures in the past then give it a go? Building your own website is not difficult at all but it is a job on his own to present the website in such a way that people will buy from you.

Of course the people must have an option to pay. My recommendation is use paypal and a possibility to use credit cards but make sure your website has a security script to avoid credit card fraud. Perhaps you may have heard about e-gold but stay away from it most people are associating it with scammers. Perhaps for larger sales you can offer your customers payments trough bank wire that is up to you.

I hope you have an idea now how to sell photos trough the internet however as said in the title this information was basic information but to make big money on it you will have to look for more information.