Improve The Battery Life Of Your Digital Camera

First of all you must understand that you when in any given shooting session you need to keep your digital camera on. It takes a lot of power for the camera to turn on and off especially if it has a retracting lens. Turning the camera on and off will just suck the life out of it like a kid drinking red cordial.

It is very likely that your camera has a standby function that will save power while it is still on. This standby function usually just comes on automatically after a set amount of time. However, if your camera does not have a standby function then just do yourself a favour and leave it on. Not to mention that when your camera is constantly being turned on you often miss shots because of the slow start-up speed that most cameras have.

How tempted are you to use the nice, luxurious screen on you camera instead of the viewfinder? You have to resist this temptation. Yes, the screen is nice and convenient but it is also another major power murderer. Turning the screen off and using the viewfinder will make a huge difference in terms of saving power.

You’re probably thinking that the viewfinder is the most annoying, inconvenient and most primitive feature of your camera. Well I’m here to tell you that you’re just plain wrong. Using the viewfinder can actually improve your photography because it helps you keep the camera steady. Think about it. You don’t see the pro’s using the camera screen, do you?

Maintaining in and taking care of your battery pack is critical if not the most important part of extending your camera’s battery life. To keep your battery pack, or your plain AA batteries, in good condition you need to make sure that you only charge them when they are completely empty. If you do end up charging them while they are still half full they will slowly deteriorate and eventually your battery will have a total life of about five minutes. This is the same with mobile phone batteries or any other chargeable batteries. Some battery chargers totally un-charge the battery before charging to avoid this. However, if you don’t have one of these then I suggest you only charge your battery when it is just about empty.

Well, I’ve given you 3 simple, basic tips on how to save your digital camera’s battery power. However, there are plenty of other things that you can do to save it, so why don’t you do a bit of experimenting and find out some more ways to keep your battery life kicking. Get out there, follow my tips and you will be having a lovely, long shooting session without interruptions.