Get Paid For Your Photos

Research the Stock Photography Market

If you want to get paid for your photos you should take time to research which photos are more marketable and more in demand. Also give some consideration to those categories for which there seems to be an “under-supply”.

Most micro stock photography web sites make it relatively easy to see their most popular photos. You can determine quickly which types of photographs sell more than others and are downloaded the most.

Take Good Photos

Your success in getting paid for your photos will ultimately come down to your ability to take great photographs. There are many good books, web sites, and training courses that will give you the training you need to be a good photographer. If you want to get paid for your photos, then you must learn to take an above average photo that clients will love at first glance and won’t be able to resist.

Submit Your Photos to Stock Photography Sites

There are many stock photography sites to which you can submit your photos. Many of these are actually referred to as “micro stock photography” sites. Microstock photography agencies are different to traditional stock photography agencies in that they usually sources their images almost exclusively through the Internet, working with a much larger number of photographers and selling images at comparatively low rates. They will work not only with professional freelance photographers but also “amateurs” and “hobbyists”.

Get Paid For Your Photos Many Times Over

Stock photography sites are not the only way to get paid for your photos. You can also take your photographs and create products for sale. Some examples of possible photography products include posters, prints, postcards, t-shirts and even books.