Commercial Photographer and Patience

A commercial photographer has to be patient in all kinds of shoot. Particularly if it is an outdoor shoot or a shoot with a human or animal model. In case of outdoor shooting, one has to wait for proper light and weather conditions. Light, during the day plays a very critical role. In many cases, we have seen, a campaign getting delayed due to the bad light conditions. Sometimes, in worst cases, the project gets abandoned due to lack of appropriate light.

Even in the night time, weather conditions matter a lot for a successful project. For instance, if we want to shoot in a still night or the dead of the night, even a mild breeze may have the power to spoil the look and feel of the images. Often have we come across situations, where we want a model to display a particular mood. But due to adverse weather conditions, either the model is not able to put forth the right expression, or it spoils the kind of image we want.

Patience is also a must when a commercial photographer shoots with a model, particularly if the model is human or animals. A lot of preparation is required to shoot in such cases. Creating the right atmosphere to help the model express the required emotions, urging and coaxing and compelling the model to give the right look – it’s all part of the game.