Closeup Digital Nature

There are many potential subjects for this type of photography in nature. Taking the time to find the right subject will not only produce great artistic photos, it just might also change the way you look at the world around you. The imagery resulting from closeup nature photography is a pictorial expression of the age old phrase “stop and smell the roses”.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of closeup digital nature photography is finding interesting subjects. Insects are popular subjects among photographers, as are flowers. While these often result in good photos, there are so many more elements of nature that could be photographed.

Take a walk outside and slow down and look around. You’re bound to notice things that have always been there that you’ve never seen before.

The most important piece of equipment for closeup photography is the lens. There are specialty lenses available on the market and several alternative techniques for achieving high quality closeup digital photos. Do your research before you go out and buy an expensive lens. Here is a page that goes into more detail on your digital cameras lens []

Photograph the accordion like underside of the mushrooms growing in your front lawn or the texture of a leaf hanging on the tree in the yard. The grain on the cut end of a wooden fence also begs to have a closeup taken of it. Take time to “stop and smell the roses” and you’ll begin to see the world of nature as a bountiful opportunity for closeup digital photography.

Aside from purchasing a specialty lens, reversing your lens, use of extension tubes, and use of a bellows attachment are all viable options.

Any camera is capable of taking closeup pictures to varying degrees of quality. However, to take good closeup nature pictures with your digital camera, you need to understand the equipment you are working with. Check your camera’s owners manual for specific settings that will optimize your results.