Advertising Photography

Always remember, advertising photography is strictly done for someone else. It is not about you or what you like. It is not about how you see things and what appeases your eyes. Every shot you click is meant for a group of people who are the customers of your client. This group of people, in advertising parlance, is called the target audience. All your photographs should be – who the target audience is, what they like, how they see things and what pleases them.

That was the most important thing of advertising. Next, you have to keep in mind the message. Every advertising or PR campaign has a message. The message can be as blatant as ‘buy me’ or a public message like save water where the product or the advertiser has some role to play, or a subtle hint towards the product while campaigning for something different from the product. Every shot you click, ask yourself, is the picture delivering the message that the client wants to communicate?

Now last but not the least, trends. See what the trends are. If you do not fall under the category of trend followers, at least this is not the time to set trends. Simply study the works of the top dogs in your line. Research on what is accepted by the people and what do they dislike. Which ads are doing well and how much does Advertising photography contribute in their success. General awareness always gives you the power to fight the battle in the right way.