Advantage of Digital Photos Zero Cost

With film cameras taking many photos was an expensive practice used solely by professional photographers. It is obvious that taking as many photos as possible improves the chances of finding that one perfect photo – the perfect angle, the perfect lighting and the perfect composition. After all if we could take an infinite number of photos covering all possible angles, lighting and settings we would eventually have taken the perfect photo. With digital cameras taking more photos is literally free and the practice of taking many photos and choosing the best one is now common with all photographers, amateur and professional alike.

The cost of taking photos was not the only problem of film cameras when it came to taking many photos. Film rolls are limited in capacity. The common rolls that are used in cameras hold 36 negatives. Taking many photos with film cameras meant not only high cost but also the need to carry many rolls of films and a risk that you will end up with no more rolls. On the other hand with digital cameras not only are additional photos literally free but the capacity of modern memory cards is so big that you can take hundreds or thousands of photos before you run out of space. In addition with digital cameras you can immediately view the photos taken on the digital camera’s LCD. No longer do you need to wait for the film to be developed in a lab. You can also delete unwanted photos from the memory card during the photo shooting session in order to create space for more photos.

So how can you take advantage of the ability to take many photos? The answer is simple – be creative, experiment and never decide not to take a additional photo just because it will occupy space on your memory card. For example with digital cameras you can easily experiment with shooting photos from unconventional angles such us overhead or floor angles. You can use the camera’s LCD screen to aim the camera or you can simple shoot photos blindly and later on choose the ones that are good.

In conclusion digital cameras are more than mere digital replacements for the old film based cameras. Digital cameras provide new features and the digital technology eliminates many of the film cameras’ barriers and limitations. The cost of taking many photos is an example of such a limitation. Experiment with taking photos, take advantage of the large capacity that modern memory cards provide and the zero cost of shooting digital photos. Experiment with new compositions, angles and lighting – even when you are not sure about them and even when you think that the result will be bad.