Shopping For Digital SLRs

For those of us who aren’t quite sure, however, the amount of technical information on the topic can be confusing and alarming. Many people feel overwhelmed at the amount of information there is on digital SLRs and other cameras. These people often end up buying a lot of software or hardware that they don’t need and pay far too much for their package.

The first thing you’ll need to know is what you plan on taking pictures of. This will help you decide which of the digital SLRs is right for the job and narrow down your choice.

Read reviews available in camera magazines or look through online websites like PC World at to understand your own needs. This comes before you understand the technical jargon. If you do a lot of night shooting, for example, you’ll want a camera that does dark shooting well.

The truth about most of the digital SLRs on the market that the different companies won’t tell you is that they are all essentially the same. All digital SLRs are capable of taking great pictures and giving you what you’re looking for.

However, there are minor details with each one that can make a difference in the types of pictures you choose to take. Some SLRs are better suited to action shots while others are perfect for shooting landscapes.

An abbreviation for single lens reflex, SLR offers the photographer the ability to capture exactly what he sees. Since there is only one lens involved, the image on the screen or in the optical viewer is exactly what will be captured in the digital format.

Often with film cameras, heads get chopped off or people are squeezed out of the side of the picture because the film can’t capture the entire image.

As you sort through the various digital SLRs on the market, keep your focus in mind and look for a digital camera that you like. Make sure the camera feels right in your hands, and look through the viewer screen and see if you can understand the interface.

Whether you buy the new Nikon digital SLR or something from another company, you have to ensure that you are comfortable with the product before you take it home.

Choosing Photographer for Pregnancy Pictures

  • Look for a pregnancy photographer who understands the essence of pregnancy. Don’t consider gender or marital status as an indication that your photographer understands what pregnancy means. Having kids doesn’t quite make the cut either. Understanding the essence of pregnancy, seeing the beauty of it and recognizing the glow of pregnant women is primarily dependent on the individual’s perspective of pregnancy regardless of who he is.

If you don’t see the same happiness you feel with your pregnancy in your photographer’s eyes then you better move on to the next one.

  • Experience is very important. Although it’s okay to good new and first-timers a try, getting your photo taken while you’re pregnant is not an entirely convenient process so it’s best that you work with a photographer with lots of experience photographing pregnant subjects. A photographer with the desired expertise won’t waste your time committing various mistakes that a first-timer could do.

Ask for the photographer’s portfolio and exact samples of pregnancy photos to know whether he has the requisite experience or not. Ask for the number of years he’s in the business and referrals.

  • Look for a pregnancy photographer with a style that matches your preferences. If you’re in love with sepia tone photographers, you won’t fall in love with the works of a photographer specializing in colored photos even if he had accepted numerous awards for his works. It’s all about style and since you’re the client, it’s your preferences that matter.

Again, ask for the photographer’s portfolio to get an idea if he can meet your expectations or not. Of course, make sure you inform him what you want as well because he could be willing to try something new in your case.

  • Although pregnant women are often described as glowing, this doesn’t mean they’re walking on sunshine all the time. Pregnancy can be an agonizing process: the added weight is unfamiliar and burdensome. There are also various pains and aches that pregnant women are exposed to during this time. As such, make sure that your photographer is willing to adapt to certain stipulations your condition could require.

If nausea often hits you during the day, you might prefer to have your photos taken at night. Will the photographer be able to do so? What if you’re confined to your home for the rest of your pregnancy? Is the photographer willing to conduct home sessions?

  • In the event that you’re willing to have your pregnancy photo taken in the studio, make sure that you look for the studio best equipped for pregnant clients like you. Look for the studio with the right service and supplies.

Enjoy Digital Pics Without Computer

With a Digital Picture Frame you don’t need a PC or Mac to enjoy your photos, you don’t have to give your precious memory card to a pricey photo lab to print them out and you don’t have to print them out on your own inkjet printer, wasting lots of expensive ink cartridges.

They allow you to enjoy your snapshots almost instantly. Just take your memory card out of your digital camera, insert it into your frame, turn it on and – presto! – here they are, displayed in vivid colour on your frame’s crisp and crystal clear high resolution screen.

You can showcase your pictures as a never-ending slideshow with intervals of 5 seconds or up to one hour between pictures or you can choose to only display one picture at a time. Most Digital Photo Frames also feature multiple transition effects in between pictures.

Some Digital Picture Frames do not just show photos, they can also display video files and play MP3s, so you can enjoy your favourite pictures while listening to your favourite tunes at the same time.

Most frames display your photos directly from your cameras memory card, other, more expensive models have built-in memory and you can upload pictures via USB connection.

They come in an assortment of sizes, styles, materials and colours. Some frameworks are even made of old-fashioned wood!

You can display any kind of picture on your Digital Photo Frame: Snapshots of your hols in Alaska, your wedding photos, the thousands of digital photos that were buried on the hard drive of your computer, pictures you would never ever give to a photo lab, stuff you downloaded from the internet or even scans of your grandparents’ old-fashioned black and white photos from before World War 2.

Put one on your desk at work and look at portraits of your loved ones or your next holiday destination while waiting for lunch break.
Insert a memory card with your best family photos into a Digital Picture Frame and give it to your parents as a personalised Christmas gift. They will be choked with emotion the moment they turn it on.