Successful Stock Photos

Fake water reflections

Too many pictures have a fake water reflection, courtesy of Flaming Pear’s Flood filter. Whilst the filter can do a reasonable job, it usually ends up look fake and clich├ęd. On the off chance that I need to use it, I have this filter insatlled on my computer.

Don’t submit only monochrome images

Much as I love them, monochrome images, either straight black and white or toned, are of no use to me. Give me the color version and I’ll convert it to black and white if I need to and I’ll have complete control over the conversion process.

Isolate images on a white background

If you’re going to isolate your image from the background, please put it on a white background. Don’t use a graduated color, especially if your photo is of something glass. If you object is predominantly white, another color can work, but an image isolated on black never seems to look good to me.

Don’t rotate images

Rotating the image can make it seem more dynamic, but, if I have to straighten the image and then crop it, I’ll usually loose too much of the image in the process. Just give me a nice level image please.

Don’t overly manipulate the image

My vision of the final image may be different to yours and this just limits what I can do to the image myself. Don’t darken the sky and clouds, don’t sharpen it, don’t radically adjust the brightness or contrast. What ever you do, don’t blow out the highlights or block up the shadows.