Picture Frames and Photos

Picture frames are containers added to photos in order to enhance, protect and display photos. Some individuals even possess digital picture frames. The photo frame displays digital photos without the arduous need to print the photographs. Currently, digital photography unavoidably display the photos directly from the memory card of a camera–although a few styles may also provide internal storage to the memory. Some models can even load photos over the Internet from an RSS feed, by e-mail and photo-sharing websites like Picasa or Flickr. Most digital picture frames display photos as a slideshow. Digital photo frames can even play movie clips which are recorded in a camera’s movie mode (MP3 audio or MPG files).

The process of recording photos by means of capturing the light on a medium that’s light-sensitive,–sensor or film–photography is light patterns emitted from certain objects to expose a sensitive chemical (electronic medium) during a timed exposure. This is normally accomplished via a photographic lens in a camera, which also stores the resulting information electronically or with chemicals.

Since traditional photography burdened most photographers working at remote locales without the easy access to processing facilities, Kodak unveiled the new, sophisticated DCS 100, the very first commercial digital camera in 1990. Thus, commercial digital photography came to life. The high cost precluded uses other than professional photography and photojournalism. The primary contrast between chemical and digital photography is that analog photography does indeed resist manipulation since it entails film, photographic paper and optics. Digital photography is undeniably a highly manipulative medium, as it is quickly replacing film photography in professional and consumer markets.

Fortunately for the savvy consumer, most picture frames are simple and elegant to match with practically any furniture and appliance. Photos can come in picture frames that are available in gold, silver or sometimes even platinum colors, with a wide 3′ frame borders. This gives most picture frames the look of style and contemporary appeal, coupled with beauty and elegance to maximum expression. Most picture frames are manufactured and handcrafted for photos of weddings, birthdays, family gatherings and anniversaries.