Online Photo Album

Where Can I Get An Online Photo Album?

You can get access to online photo albums on a free or paid basis at various sites throughout the internet. Depending on how many pictures you want to share, what your connection is like, your particular preferences and a number of other things chances are that you can find a free online photo album site that fits your needs.

Is Building an Online Photo Album Hard to Do?

Building an online photo album is not a difficult thing to do. As a matter of fact, it is much easier to build a web based photo album to share with friends and family than to put hours and hours and money into fancy acid-free paper with the other alternative, and that is scrap booking. There is no replacement for real photographs and actual storage methods, but as far as showing off pictures and bragging to friends and family, online photo albums are the most surefire way to get it done. All you have to do is browse for pictures on your personal computer and upload them onto the site. From there, you can organize the pictures into sub-albums and edit them. You even have the option of making some folders private and others public, so anybody with the proper URLs can access your photographs. With private albums, there is a password required to get into the folder, but most sites give you the option of sending out an automated email with the URL and password information in it.

For this reason, many intimate family moments are in the kind of album that is kept private and password protected. On the other hand, family reunion pictures or even an artistic portfolio are probably photographs that you would want to make public to other internet browsers. Building an online photo album is all a matter of pointing and clicking. The shooting part of the deal was done before the online photo album even entered the picture, and the picture taking is the hardest part of all.

Allowing Others Access to Your Pictures

The advantage to having an online photo album as opposed to a traditional one is that you can show your pictures off to anybody with an internet connection. This gives Grandma almost instant access to ballet recital pictures, even if she lives clear across the United States of America, as is so often the case. These albums even allow people to leave comments n the pictures, telling what they think or writing about the memory behind the picture; this is just one of the newer and more pleasant features of online photo albums.