Info of Photo Restorations

In today’s age of digital photography, it may be a good idea to take precautionary measures by saving your photos on a CD or a memory stick. This gives you a backup in case of any problem with the hard disk. It may not be out of place to put your money in digital photo recovery software. This will take away a lot of your worries about retrieving your photos.

Also, sometimes, it may be so that you would like to retain the warm Sepia tone of your old photographs, because of the feeling of those ‘old, nostalgic times’. You can follow certain steps which can help you do a better job of your photographs, by working on them in Adobe Photoshop. For example, if you want a pleasing black and white photograph with a range of tones, you can remove the colour information from the photograph. For dual tone effect, you can choose the “duotone” effect, which will be applied to your photo to produce the pleasing Sepia toned effect, you would like. For the final touches, you can apply a “Hue/Saturation” adjustment layer.

For removing cracks and creases, you can use the Clone, Healing and Patch tools in Adobe Photoshop, although this may take a lot of time, in case the photo in question is severely damaged, because it requires fine work to bring them to good shape, as you go about ‘healing’ the crease-marks. If you visit online, you can also come in contact with technicians who have experience and expertise in advanced photo restorations.