Framing Photographs

Using the power and convenience of the web, photographers can now frame their work from the comfort of their own home effectively and efficiently any time of the day. There are many good online picture framing software in the market. Most of them require the following steps:

Uploading image

Uploading pictures is usually the first step. Most people made the mistake by uploading high-res images which can take forever especially if your connection is 56k. If you do not require the software to print your picture, under 200kb is good enough. A small image can also increase your navigation speed from step to step.

Follow the prompts

There are usually wizards to guide you through the entire framing process after you uploaded your picture. You should be able to match your mat board colours and mouldings easily to your picture. Some software such as YourFramer offers a “smart preview” option for you to see your picture in different mouldings at one go. This is a cool feature for you to choose the best moulding for your photo.

Purchase when happy with the settings

This step is self explainatory. Just fill in your credit card and shipping details… then wait for your frame to arrive and what you need to do is just to insert your photo in it!

Framing your pictures online is fun and can save you money and time. This is the 21st century, work smart, be techkie and start framing all your beautiful photographs online.