Enjoy Digital Pics Without Computer

With a Digital Picture Frame you don’t need a PC or Mac to enjoy your photos, you don’t have to give your precious memory card to a pricey photo lab to print them out and you don’t have to print them out on your own inkjet printer, wasting lots of expensive ink cartridges.

They allow you to enjoy your snapshots almost instantly. Just take your memory card out of your digital camera, insert it into your frame, turn it on and – presto! – here they are, displayed in vivid colour on your frame’s crisp and crystal clear high resolution screen.

You can showcase your pictures as a never-ending slideshow with intervals of 5 seconds or up to one hour between pictures or you can choose to only display one picture at a time. Most Digital Photo Frames also feature multiple transition effects in between pictures.

Some Digital Picture Frames do not just show photos, they can also display video files and play MP3s, so you can enjoy your favourite pictures while listening to your favourite tunes at the same time.

Most frames display your photos directly from your cameras memory card, other, more expensive models have built-in memory and you can upload pictures via USB connection.

They come in an assortment of sizes, styles, materials and colours. Some frameworks are even made of old-fashioned wood!

You can display any kind of picture on your Digital Photo Frame: Snapshots of your hols in Alaska, your wedding photos, the thousands of digital photos that were buried on the hard drive of your computer, pictures you would never ever give to a photo lab, stuff you downloaded from the internet or even scans of your grandparents’ old-fashioned black and white photos from before World War 2.

Put one on your desk at work and look at portraits of your loved ones or your next holiday destination while waiting for lunch break.
Insert a memory card with your best family photos into a Digital Picture Frame and give it to your parents as a personalised Christmas gift. They will be choked with emotion the moment they turn it on.