Control White Balance


As discussed earlier, this is the automatic white balance setting. When your digital camera has its auto white balance set, it will automatically adjust itself depending on the ambient light.


This setting should be used when you are taking pictures in outside locations on days which are either cloudy or overcast. It can also be used during late afternoon in failing light.


Select this white balance setting if you are outside on a bright, sunny day. This setting can also be used indoors if you are using lamps or lights with a daylight-style light bulb.


This is the setting used indoors. Note that some cameras will label it “incandescent” or “indoors” instead of “tungsten”. Using the usual indoor lamps and overhead lights will cast an orange or yellowish tint to your pictures. Setting your camera’s white balance to Tungsten will tell the camera to adjust for those differences.


Use this setting when you are taking photos in places that use fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights cast a slight blue tint, so the “tungsten” setting will make the skin tones of people in your pictures look much more natural.


This is self-explanatory. It is meant to be used when you need to use the flash on your digital camera.