Camera Dollars

Who needs my photos

  • Webmasters don’t need only fresh content they need pictures also. Sure some of them shoot their own photos but sometimes they don’t have the time for it. For example you can be sure that a travel webmaster can be interested in your photos from your last trip to Thailand (just to name a country).
  • Real estate agents: Real estate is big business worldwide people are spending billions of dollars on renting and buying houses and apartments.

But real estate agents need photos as well some of them pay up to a few hundreds of dollars for a single picture of a house

Paparazzi: If you visit a concert try to make a picture from your favourite star.
Journalists do not have always the tame to take the pictures themselves and guess what there is a company who is whiling to pay you two thousand bucks for a single picture.
That is just like printing money if you visit a concert.

Where should I sell my photos?

  • Photo stock sites: Photo stock sites have two kinds of visitors: People who are looking for photos and people like you who are selling their photos. I remember me a post from a webmaster who has spend more then 4000 dollars on a single site so yes there is money to be made. Some sites are offering you a fixed commission and with other sites you can decide your own price.
  • E-bay: Millions of items are being sold on eBay every month. After the photo stock sites this is by far the easiest way to sell your photos online.
  • Offline: Your digital camera can be a cash machine offline to. For example you could sell your photos to a bank, an illustrator, an advertiser or a real estate agency.
  • Your own site: This can be a very professional way to sell your art but do this only if you have some more experience. Nobody wants to buy photos from a photographer with only two pictures on his portfolio.

I hope with reading this article you have realised that you have a cash machine right at your home. And a last point perhaps you are scared that people on online stock photo sites will not pay you. No panic, most of them are working with a shopping card system. As soon as the webmaster has paid for your photos he will receive them.