Build Your Photography Portfolio

I would shy away from running an ad in the newspaper; you never know who’s going to show up at your door. Instead, go to websites that models or new models visit. There are several model websites on the web where you can find models willing to do TFP. When posting, be upfront and explain that you’re fairly new and want to build a port. (short for portfolio). You should get some answers back. Again, make sure the model knows upfront exactly what you are willing to do. NO surprises. You don’t want the model to call you later and request fifty 8 x 10’s when you only assumed she wanted one. You can expect a model to bring someone with them. Rarely do they come alone. For the most part, most girls will bring their moms, or a relative. Guys usually come alone. If you have some photos, mount each one in a plastic photo protector. It looks professional. Don’t use the flimsy ones, get the stiff kind. Have them sitting on a table or chair nearby. It’s a great way to break the ice when your model arrives.

Another preferred method of building a portfolio is to shoot friends. Your client won’t care who is in the photo, as long as it’s professionally done. Actually, shooting friends is what I would try first. It’s a lot more relaxing and if you mess up, no big deal. Don’t concentrate on just shooting female models. There are a lot of guys that model and they need a portfolio also. Ask some of your friends to sit for you, or relatives even. Again, it doesn’t matter who they are, you’re shooting headshots and building a nice port in the meantime. And that’s the goal.