Avoiding Blurry Images

There may be a digital photography technique that will have you shooting clearer photos in no time.

  • Taking Pictures too Quickly. Because digital camera remove the worry of wasting film most photographers end up snapping photos left and right without taking the time to stop and think about the shot. Snapping pictures “as you go” often results in blurry pictures so stop, line up your shot, and shoot while perfectly still.
  • Rushing the Auto Focus. Many times when taking a picture a person will simply point the camera and push the button down fully to snap the picture. Instead, try this digital photography technique–once you are ready to take the picture, you should push the button down only half way and allow the auto focus to do its job. Once the camera has properly focused on the subject you are photographing you may then push the button down the rest of the way. This should help fix blurry pictures.
  • Not Allowing for Shutter Lag. Many digital cameras, and especially the less expensive ones, may take up to a full half second to finish taking the photo after you have shot the picture. This time can increase if you have chosen to push the button down fully the first time and not allowed the auto focus a chance to engage. Avoid this mistake by holding still and waiting a full one to two seconds after shooting the picture before moving. This will account for any shutter lag and allow the picture to be fully taken before the camera is moved.
  • Too Much Zoon or the Wrong Mode. Using the zoom feature of your camera will enhance the effects of the “shaking hand” syndrome. It’s best to only use zoom when you cannot physically get closer to the subject yourself. Another digital photography technique to avoiding blurry images is using the correct camera mode when shooting. Action shots require a faster shutter speed than stationary shots. Be sure to read your camera’s manual on choosing different shooting modes and don’t be afraid to experiment shooting in different modes for the same picture. Practice will have you choosing the correct modes more and more and avoid blurry pictures.