Advent of Digital Photography

Whether we like it or not the great Digital Transformation is here and we have to keep up with it. Thus, this give rise to the battle for the niche market for digital cameras. All over the world, every camera industries have gone Digital. Five years ago 99% of the nation would never have dreamed of getting a Digital camera, the mega pixel demands have been the battle amongst the camera manufacturers.

With the dramatic increase in this new technology people are taking a lot more photographs because it is so simple and inexpensive to take Digital photographs and archive them. People all over the universe have armed themselves with knowledge from many resources like Guide-books on Digital Photography, manuals, handbook etc.

However, the Digital photography era has been well received by the world judging from the higher sales of digital cameras recorded. Every body regardless of their ages ,you will chance amongst the tourist attraction spots shooting every memorable moments with their Digital cameras.

The greatest moment is that they can view, print, email or archived all what their Digital cameras have recorded with the simple action of aim and shoot. The next step is to improve on their skills on quality shooting and making it into multi-media formats. Indeed, the Advent of the Digital Photography is the greatest Breakthrough in the 21stcentury,thus, the enhancing the quality of lives and gratification for the fast technological era.