About Image Data Bank

However when it comes to organizing the photographs we have taken with our digital camera we often let ourselves down by using a photo organization software program that is completely in adequate. Certainly for many people actually locating and then transferring their images from one folder to a digital photo album is not only confusing but can be very time consuming as well.

But there are now programs around such as RoboImport which allow you to organize all the images you have taken into an image databank. With this program it will help to locate each image that is held on your PC’s hard drive. Then once they have been located using it’s built in EXIF metadata program it collects them automatically and then places them into one central place on your PC.

Along with finding every single image on your PC’s hard drive and then putting them into a single folder this particular image data bank program carries out the following:-

  • It will organize your photos into chronological order which makes it much easier for you to search through the hundreds or even thousands of images that you have stored on your PC. Plus each image has a description of what it is with them.
  • As you download the images from the memory card or directly from your digital camera onto your PC it will automatically transfer them in to the required folder that has been set up previously. Then as it imports these images into the folder it provides them with a descriptive name and places them in to a designated folder. Which results in you being able to find your images much more easily when you need to.
  • RoboImport as well as providing you with a well organized image data bank can carry out some of the more tedious tasks revolving around digital image editing without too much hassle. It is able to fill in the IPTC data that is used by professional photographers in a language which can be easily recognized by various archiving and editing programs. So really this is a program that you will be able to trust and know will help you in getting all your images into a central location easily.